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Brasil Cacau BTX vegan 110ml

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The Brasil Cacau BTX smoothing treatment reinforces the internal structure and improves the condition of the hair - smooths the cuticle and eliminates frizz, greatly reduces styling time, instantly improves manageability while providing external protection. The end result is straighter, smoother, healthier, frizz-free hair with radiant shine. Ideal for all hair types. Results last up to twelve weeks.

Infused with Botanical Collagen for Strong, Soft and Shiny Hair.

100% Vegan Formula



IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR COLOURED, BLEACHED, HIGHLIGHTED OR GREY HAIR On blonde / grey hair yellowing may occur. In some cases, hair may fade up to 4 levels. Perform strand test prior to use. Should you choose to use the BTX smoothing treatment on blonde or grey hair, the following guidelines must be strictly followed. • On clean & dry hair proceed with strand test. We recommend a discreet section of the hair. • Apply the BTX smoothing treatment as per instructions. • Preheat Iron to 180 degrees. Select the strand & pass iron through as per instructions. After each pass examine hair for any unwanted tonal change e.g., excessive gold tones. The Iron should pass freely through the hair, giving off an acceptable amount of steam. If the iron does not glide freely & there is no tonal change, increase the temperature by 5-degree intervals, still observing any tonal change. • Ideally the iron should glide freely through the hair & there should be no change in hair tone.

We have provided you with a guide to heat temperatures on hair types. This is a guide only and would be used in conjunction with a full consultation and strand test. The hair should never be overheated (start on a reasonable heat and turn iron up by 5 degrees at a time until iron runs through easily and steams). In all cases the iron should be creating steam, even on a low temperature; a silky shiny appearance should be visible. If this isn’t the case, turn your iron up in 5-degree increments, until it is sliding through the hair freely. This will help you determine the most accurate temperature for your client. Do not apply unnecessary high temperatures to delicate hair. By taking a strand test, and following manufacturer’s instructions, you will eliminate overheating this hair type. Spending the time conducting a thorough consultation will enable you to achieve sensational results. Using the table as a guide, we ask you to do a strand test first to determine the most appropriate heat required for your hair type/condition.


1 Begin with a thorough consultation with your client. Be sure that the hair is healthy enough for a BTX smoothing service. Explain the importance of the Brasil Cacau home after care maintenance range.

2 Apply BTX smoothing treatment to clean dry hair.

3 Section the hair into 4 parts for application.

4 Pour 50-60ml of the BTX smoothing treatment into a clean bowl and apply with a tint brush in sections that enable full saturation of the hair, avoiding the scalp area. Emulsify through with fingers.

5 Use a wide tooth comb in a downward motion to eliminate all tangles.

6 Process for 45-60 minutes, depending on hair texture/resistance, but DO NOT exceed 60 minutes.

7 Rinse partially (30%) removing only the excess product and gently towel dry.

8 Blow dry hair in a flat and downward motion until 100% dry. Finish must be flat and smooth.

9 Divide the hair into 4 equal parts.

10 Take fine sections, passing iron evenly through the hair until a smooth, glossy look is achieved (refer to table). Continue until entire head is complete. After finishing the ironing process, do not rinse.



FINE-MEDIUM HAIR 6-12 Approx. 150º-220º Previous Chemical History

MEDIUM-COARSE HAIR 8-15 Approx. 170º-230º Previous Chemical History

COARSE WIRY & VIRGIN 10-20 Approx. 180º-230º No Chemical History

NB: Virgin hair requires extra passes as more resistant and no chemical damage to the cuticle.

Use Brasil Cacau Shine Serum to finish for a fabulous result. NB, we recommend using Brasil Cacau Gradual Smooth Serum 1 - 2 times per week to refresh your smoothing treatment.

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